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Behavior patterns enable us to be able to drive a car for example almost intuitively: 10 high 9 bit / sec input (true perception), to 10 up 1-2 bit/sec processing (we construct our individual worlds: cave Plato (427-347)) and 10 high 7 bit/sec output (action). Source: dtv – Paperback (my articles 27 (+ 17)) as a reminder: a) our evolutionary brain works: analog (nature, and logic, emotion, control: management: vitalistisch) and control system. Digital (cultures, or logic, ratio control: Cybernetics: mechanistic), control system. Teil-autonom, un-ter aware parallel 4-dimensional,… b) human thinking is done analog-digital and / or emotional-rational in patterns like: true taking contrast processing (or logic = fuzzy logic, Rushing approx.

5%): Mono causality, Fokussion, statics and dynamics,… Association: Connection of an existing (remember) with prior positions (wishes) in new connections (and logic): familiar to new! LOGIK(en) (teachings of the consistency): legitimate new forward positions using multiple methods. Derivative, derivation: Analog-ien, associate (of known to new). Causality, correlation (Ur-Sache(n) > Wirkunge(n)). Completion and reduction of parts of the perception. Creation: Maverick (Einstein, Picasso,) think laterally new.

ENT divorces (off election) accelerate the contrast processing. Nature uses the UND and the or logic! The cultures use the ODER – (West) or the and logic (Orient). This leads primarily to effective objective (what?) and efficient subjective (how?) Feel and thought patterns in the cultures of EU/United States: To be or not-be, light or dark, life or death, all or nothing, now or never,… Desire or frustration, lack of or Abundance, love or leave it, good or evil (F, Zarathustra (1000 BC c.e.)), true or correct or incorrect (H) all human brains think wrong (D, Aristotle), maximum in 3 out of 4 dimensions and constantly rationally choose between 5 +/-2 = 7 parameters/categories. Therefore we get today in advertising etc. mostly 3 important points – as in Olympia: higher – faster – further (formerly: stronger).

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