The Forgotten Meaning Of The Web Catalog

Web catalogs were put in the formative years of the Internet, the first method, to order into the chaos of a growing number of Web pages. The original idea of the web catalog is to provide the user with an editorial selection of an ordered list of websites with high quality. With the advent of search engines and the belief in the omnipotence of their search, the idea of the web catalog has fallen increasingly into obscurity. Only a few idealists could imagine still retain permanently establishing a list of a survey of millions of Web pages. But even in the age of Google & Co. the idea of the web catalog still has its place.

Unfortunately, the original idea of the web catalog mainly from one side is damaged, from the operators themselves Webkatalog Webkatalog The average German today is nothing more than a dumping ground of poor quality and chaotically arranged links. How did that come about? The answer is relatively simple: the dream of fast money with little work! The vast majority of Web catalogs today is based on the easylink system. With this system, any amateur can quickly and easily build a large framework of categories and fill in the sequence of links. This work is however not done by the operators themselves (or editors), but transferred to the user. As a result, most web directories consist of a huge number of categories, but which contain only very few links.

Very often there is even the case that some categories have no links at all. Even worse has happened to the quality of most catalogs, as it is usually reported by users are the pages filled with no editorial check. That way, each web catalog degenerates within a few weeks to an unsorted garbage dump. Still, most operators expect from engines, to generate interest within a short time advertising revenue. The realization that making money is not so simple, leads to a relatively rapid disillusionment. Therefore, in Germany to observe the paradoxical phenomenon that almost all older web directories are now orphaned, but are still made weeks for weekly new catalogs online. A good example that there is another way, is the link SPY. The Web catalog is built up gradually since about two years ago by a small editorial staff. Meanwhile, the catalog of the 20,000 most interesting and best quality web sites in Germany lists more than 130 topic sites. Of course, users also have the opportunity to make themselves known websites. Due to the high quality of writing, the recording rate is only about 10%. The link SPY has made it his mission to be a beacon among the masses of standard engines and users to offer a good alternative to search engines.



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