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Except, indeed, fitness equipment, no harm will be TV or DVD player. Pedaling a favorite TV series or incendiary music doubly enjoyable. It is well known that tension shortens life and brings disease. Yoga and meditation can reduce stress and strengthen the body. Cover the floor mats that enable peaceful music, light the incense. …

It will not hurt, and a small decorative fountain, beautiful plants, and, perhaps, thick curtains of the room. Balcony combined with the child? Give your child's playroom! You can put a small hill, ladder, horizontal bar, even swing – unless, of course, allows the size of the balcony. The windows in that case you should choose a special, special tempered glass. They can not even break a stone, so the child will be complete safety. Combining the kitchen with a balcony gives you the opportunity of a cozy living room is almost in the open air. Sofa, chairs, a small serving table, a bar – and your friendly parties will bring even more pleasure. Especially like the idea heavy smokers. The most unusual way to use the balcony – arrangement of saunas.

And it's real – now you can buy special collapsible mini-sauna, perfect suitable for installation on the balcony. In this case, with all the meticulous approach to the issue of noise waterproofing balconies. This should be done only by professionals. It should also be carefully considered lighting and prevention of fires. Equipment cost about $ 600 a sauna. But it's nice to bask in a dry aromatic pair! And finally, on the balcony you can arrange just a separate room. In a small apartment at times not enough space even for an elementary relaxation. Not everyone likes to share a bedroom with an elderly grandmother or my younger brother. Well insulated balcony easily turn into a cozy apartment – enough to put a bed and hang up thick curtains.

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