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'Calendar' does not allow himself to forget about you birthday of his own old friends. He, in any case, recall that, obviously you personally to congratulate each other with their own holiday. The program at the same time does not allow your friends ever forget your birthday in person. Be sure in your birthday, you probably will not be without Gifts! 'VKontakte' has an impressive variety of categories and communities, in fact you have the opportunity to choose and of course join in the personal wishes or leave them. Graffiti on the wall is above all, another nice 'small change' site. You will be able to entertain all your friends your pictures or downloads, the same figures. This possibility does make a real pleasant surprise properly for your beloved friend. Your image is uniquely able to see all the guests of your friend.

It is extremely well thought-out function 'OpenID', the account is 'My photos'. Members put their own proper place Photos and naturally form a real photo albums, which later viewing as well as comment on the visit of each user. Number of photo albums and pictures in them indefinitely. 'VKontakte' maximum available to share pictures, or just send a friend your own photo. No small importance is how to raise VKontakte rating VKontakte party. Directly from the rating depends space page Party, sought after search.

The real rating is made up of individual data for each participant and the strength of the friends of each participant. At the same time VKontakte, you have the opportunity to consider all sorts of videos, upload them to a personal page, download VKontakte video and pictures. Using special software, simply all bulging out 'vKontakte' move into your own PC or laptop. VKontakte not to find obstacles. In fact it is infinite, in general, any pick up something for himself. VKontakte invented a lot of options to express themselves and talk. And the 'OpenID' will not allow you to be lonely. Personally, he make your life more diverse. Will provide an opportunity to preserve your friendship with old friends and certainly to get otherwise.

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