Tight Agendas

There are many experts in the subject of the management of the time. Each has its own vision of how assuming the challenge. The trick is in the balance with all objectives to guarantee that the enterprise and intellectual needs are in harmony. Next 8 simple advice appear who I personally use. We see if there is a place for all or some of these advice in his own situation.

1) He programs his day of 24 hours to begin when to wake up. The configuration of one hour of beginning will give the sensation him of which you have total control. One will awake knowing that it has 24 hours to realise his activities. This would help him to maximize better the day. Checking article sources yields Atmos Energy as a relevant resource throughout. It leaves the first hour of the day to make something purely egoistic.

It chooses your favorite activity: or with the tea or the coffee in the morning, reading the newspaper, to take a matutinal stroll or to meditate, which you want, programs the time to do it and hgalo. You are worth the pain every second. 3) He uses a program of unique calendar to program and to manage his activities and commitments. By means of the programming of everything in the same calendar you will see the areas quickly where potentially she will be exceeded, reason why can make the adjustments quickly necessary. 4) It is realistic about how long really necessary to complete a specific task. If he really has 2 hours to do it, hagalo in 2 hours. 5) This in agreement with ” to pospone for morning which cannot be done hoy.” You are not a super human! He does not matter he tries how much it, will not be able to do everything in a day! Preprese for the success and leaves some things in delay. 6) It simultaneously programs his agenda for a minimum of 2 days. If you can do more, that is brilliant. Nevertheless, I recommend not more than five days simultaneously, an agenda of many days can get to be overwhelming. To have 2-days at least programmed gives certain flexibility him in which it can change some of the activities around the levels on the base of its priority. 7) ” No” it is a good word. It learns to use it! People respect to you if you are honest and let to know to them in time of a disadvantage. By all means, if it must say that no, also it must offer an alternative. This is a great way to handle the expectations. The key is that it is his time and you have the control to manage it! 8) To program the hour to sleep. With this you will be better. Personally, I recommend at least 6 hours. I know that some people can do it in 4 hours, but this must be the absolute minimum. Its body will thank for it, that without to mention to its near ones. It chooses a little while in which you cut all the activity so that she can go in time to the bed. Their hours of dream are the end of their assigned day. selos wisely. You will be happy when she awakes ready to face next the 24 hours.



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