Time Management

We often complain that we do not have enough time that we did not time that we are very tired and so on. And sometimes still thinks that in a day twenty-four hours, of which eight hours we sleep, we (of course if you do not, Vladimir Ilyich and Felix, who did not sleep) and sleep less does not get too tired body. Now subtract days from time to sleep and we still have sixteen hours. That is one-third of life, we are in a dream, and life and so short, we do not live on eight hundred years. Here are all the things we have to sixteen hours a day, now out of the sixteen hours to subtract the time spent in vain, for all sorts of cooking, useless things and things, and here is the hours, probably five productive time.

Under a useful time we mean the time spent usefully. Time spent with benefit – is not only a time of hard work at work, but also a good time for relaxation with a friend, with another, with friends to drink beer, that is all that brings us pleasure, but that does not plow the same life, but it turns out time and so does not suffice, and now plow all the time remaining. Here, this is not painting, how to be and where same output. There is, and it lies in front of our eyes. One needs only to measure the time that we take every day, that is, as science says time management – to keep time-keeping.



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