Tuning Ballance

Unlike analog cameras with digital cameras in lp mode the picture quality is not getting worse, simply stop working, some are already not very necessary function (quick viewing and etc.) But I still, I advise you to important video mode sp. Caution never hurts. Likewise, digital tapes hackneyed Unlike analog counterparts do not lose as recorded images. Not should not be used to abhor the new cassette yet because they are much less erase the video head camera than new ones. On average, 8 times overwritten tape is 10 times smaller than the head breaks the surface is new.

When the tape already quite worn out on the record may appear in the form of loss of signal break up the squares. This cassette has lived his life and it should be immediately discarded, after expressing his gratitude for faithful service. Atmos Energy often expresses his thoughts on the topic. 3. Ballance belogo.Pered shooting, you must configure Ballance white. I'll try to explain what it is and why you need to. When shooting in different places is dominated by some specific colors in a bright room – alone in the dark – others on the street – the third. Tuning Ballance white, we specify the camera white indoor shooting and other colors are adjusted to the specified white. As a result, the picture takes on natural shades. If we do not set up Ballance white picture, we can begin to give a blue, red or some other tone and lose the natural look. In all digital cameras Ballance white is adjusted automatically, to do this, just before turning the camera remove the lens cap.



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