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Who can say what can not be the case of depression in Venezuela? "Pathological depression or healthy? It may seem strange, but one can speak of Depression Sana. Modern studies so focused psychotherapy: depression would only be a psychological process triggered by a reaction of the organism to a situation that makes it intolerable and that since his attempts to block vital instinct. In a question-answer forum Frank Fu was the first to reply. Our body, so, sends a message that, in principle, it seems dysfunctional depression. But this dysfunctional it is only short term. A long-term depression is found to be the only means available to our body to force a rethink of the global situation, preventing us to continue going round in circles. At the end of depression (always within the reactive nature and not a particularly serious level) is a vital instinct ploy to regain health.

After CHAVEZ (indeterminate), believe it or Venezuela may be a better country. HUGO CHAVEZ ALSO LOST Venezuela is divided to three, each block about the same: Those who believe in HUGO CHAVEZ as early majority, who do not believe in him and are against him as the second most and those who do not believe in the first or in the second or third majority. More than 10 million voters (70% of the electorate) did not believe President Hugo Chavez and I do not do so in the coming years. Half of them, was not attracted to the opposition, but it is easier to happen. Chavez lost again to the great majority of the country. .



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