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By the way, young sculptors create sometimes even very good sites, and perhaps surprisingly – they manage to earn. With an adult, not associated with technology web design, it seems rather strange. Nothing strange here no. After all, the students, unlike us adults who are accustomed to them and learn the procedure easier to pick up the tutorial and get to the core terminology of web design technologies, rather than us adults, is constantly busy own real-life problems. So what, exactly is the "technology of web design"? Web Design (English web-design) – the process of development and creation of intellectual products of technologies used on the Internet. A bit unusual formulation, is not it? In fact, nothing unusual there is no: it is simply quite unique. Let's try to understand the essence of this definition. As a rule, come to the Internet novices rather vague imagine that a process called "creation and development of the site." There is nothing surprising in this. The very process of creating websites is not the work of the Internet, because it is produced almost entirely by local computer (ie the ones that are not connected to the Internet.) This process (in any case, the most important part of it) is a web design, and the result of this work will become a Web design: It should be check carefully to analyze the quality of the site and then publish – move the files to a web project on server. That's when your web project, in full accordance with the definition of classical terminology the Internet will become site. Thus, the creation of the site – it is nothing like creating a web project, with elements of web design and subsequent publication on the Internet.

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