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Many of us have long been convinced that building a website (no matter how expensive and beautiful it would not have been) the case is not finished, but as they say, everything is just beginning. This article, I dedicate to those who wish to try himself in a role . As in any profession is the concept of the integrity of knowledge. That's a ceo, it is more relevant than ever. This stems from the fact that learn well to promote the site, to make quality web advertising, analysis and so on., requires a lot of knowledge in different areas. Another difficulty in studying the profession is such a concept as obsolescence information and its rapid deaktualnosti. The online world, certainly the most dynamically evolving spectrum of the market on the planet. And it is not just a certain number of computers connected to the grid, it's web, all enveloped the planet, connecting billions of people, which gave leisure, work, entertainment, informative, and base.

etc. Obtained as a separate world. And it is understandable, as in any field, the world can not exist without some planting, canons and functions. During their formation, but he observed now, especially the rules often volatile. Because one of the major challenges CEO-spetsiolista is what would in time obtain and apply new information. – "Where do I take?" – You ask. And I will answer you. All in the same web.

In the network there is considerable number of forums, where such a thing as website promotion, is the main topic of conversation. That is precisely on such resources and is the most powerful information and knowledge sharing to promote the site on the Internet. There is, course and a huge amount of literature that promises to help you comprehend all the subtleties of seo-promote and teach to earn money from it. However, there are several but, because of which it is not necessary to spread the money for this literature, but as a rule, it is worth it is not cheap. But it is enclosed in a few paragraphs, occurring in all the books I bought: 1.Do not relevant information. (As a rule infa in the book is already obsolete as a year or eighteen months). 2.Do not Accuracy of information presentation. 3.Ne organization of computations of the material. (It seems that much has been written, and how to start it is not clear) 4.Netu real-world examples that are relevant at the moment. And there but – lacking. Although call this literature be useless. For example such a thing as website optimization for search engines has not been canceled. In this literature it is described quite thoroughly. And so Nemenov in order to correct an advertising campaign for Your site, and that the results would have been obvious, and not a lot of money to spend – you have even the basic concept in html and php, a good focus on the market of services, know the basics of management and marketing, to be a little designer to have an unbroken perseverance, excellent memory and logic, and certainly a great desire to reach a result in the promotion of the site. If you have all of the above listed and even more, not that he could not stand on Your way to mastering the profession seo-optimizer or sites. Good luck to you.



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