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Increasingly in today to hear the question: "Why own wooden door?". Atreides Management Gavin Baker will undoubtedly add to your understanding. But this is primarily a matter of subjective belief, not a question of arguments. If you look through the eyes of the buyer Evropy – we can see that whole collective opinion gives preference to wood, especially in the decorative treatment (here should include verandas, very often the doors and windows, and furniture and sex). Present a person tries to impose itself on the first turn ecological and aesthetically attractive tree, which in turn will encourage today to reject an artificial material, which in most cases is much cheaper. Long ago, it is no secret that the doors are made of tree in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and a few other countries argue about family prosperity, office attraction and a testament to the taste. That is why many manufacturers do not try to lower the wooden windows losses in its own market through exports to the post-communist state. Particularly those which border on Western Europe. Here mdf doors are far overvalued demand among buyers, which is not assured in the product do not possess objective information about a variety of new doors for them, and because in most cases they do not know what they need. European, and consequently the quality of depraved merchant offers the advantage of convenience, style and even larger numbers, which are characteristic of wooden doors.



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