Wind Contradictions

They already do not fly in the same direction and the same speed of the wind of the progress. Already they do not enjoy of the privilege of if fundirem with the only source of all power, all will and all justice. More they are not come back toward the infinite radiating of the future and yes for the impronuncivel tragedy of the past. They do not believe more the absolute one, nor if they leave to lead for its false promises. Alone they are reduced to the limits of its weaknesses, its horror and its fury. This is the new condition of that if manifest after modernity.

The modern had its force in the hope of the revolution and the glory, already the people who if manifest after modernity is one all of frustration and bitterness for living deeply a devastador and not creative progress. If we have problems how much the delimitations and descriptions of the after-modern in the society, the contradictions do not diminish in its manifestations in the arts. Sevcenko (1995, p.53) salient the contradictions of the studious Americans in the definition of what it would be after-modern literature: For the many studious mainly Americans, in general, they tend to consider after-modernismo as a mere correspondence in the cultural area of the advent of the postindustrial technology, based in the resources of cybernetics and computer science. To other they understand it authors as a critical one come back to the total negation of the vanguards that exalta the previous period to the modernismo and if inclines for a return to the sources of history and the past. Others denounce still it as a mere pasteurizao of cacoetes of the vanguards, without vitality and commitment. As we see, not yet the conceptualization of what it is after-modern literature, not even of a certain historical or cultural parameter is pacific point that properly accuses its said sprouting.



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