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Paint: Prices and Quality

Price paint – paint consumption – the protective coating thickness. Covering thickness of the coating and ink consumption – the interdependent parameters. The amount of paint can vary significantly depending on the composition of the prescription (and its price), the selected color, topography, weather conditions, use of tools and skills of the performer. On the other hand, the thickness of the coating depends strongly on the term of his service on the facade of the building.

As a rule, protective layer thickness must be at least 120-150 microns. In this regard, a covering of ink and its protective consumption can vary significantly. The consumer should choose what is more important for him: long-term perspective or economic viability now. 4. Choice of color is enough wide range of colors is performed using pigments, characterized by low-light and weather resistance and not recommended by the manufacturers of pigments for outdoor applications.

As a consequence, the rapid (within the first two years of coverage) change (“burn”) colors on the facade and the withdrawal of the consumer, “bad painting.” Enough a wide range of colors objectively characterized by a low hiding power. As a result, paint consumption and high output consumer “bad painting.” In fact, a subjective error of the same, other specialists, rather than paint manufacturer. Often one can observe reduction of purity and brightness of color in the process of coating on the facade of buildings. This is a question of competence manufacturer, namely, increased dirt-holding capacity coverage, as consequence of the characteristics of prescription paints, low quality of titanium dioxide and pigments used in the paint, the paint simplified recipe as a whole. 5. Operational parameters facade coatings Operational parameters facade paint coatings – is a topic for another article. Here and now I just give you a list of questions consumers to producers facade paints: recommendations of the manufacturer’s choice products and their rationale, the price of products, unit costs per unit of surface, life cover, a list of objects that are in operation for at least 3 let.perechen other consumers, whose views on Manufacturer of products you would like to know. 6. Finally, select a qualified supplier, not only producing quality products, but also – and this is important! – Has extensive practical experience of its application to your territory. Ask questions to the supplier and trust his recommendations, because the qualified provider knows about his subject than any qualified customer. Reach him to solve their technical problems and problems, because, first of all, he is interested in long-term partnership relationship of trust with you, not vice versa.

What Is Wikileaks?

What is Wikileaks a strange hunting considerations? What makes Wikileaks what, actually? What do Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and his network is anything other than an investigative journalism? For example, the “mirror” brought the confidential reports of American diplomats in its next issue, if he could get it leaked? Are the much-touted “4. violence” in democracy the traditional media and the Internet with Wikileaks in the first place is a gang of terrorists? Public or terrorism? The new public enemy No. 1 in the United States and elsewhere is Julian Assange, who was arrested in London now anyway. That the indictment because of he world is being searched by the Swedish Jusitiz, is questionable at best, gives an obvious connotation of arrest. Apart from it would be quite welcome, if all suspected sex offenders would be tracked with same consequence. Assange and Wikileaks had not only conservative US politicians but already under the Verdict of terrorism made and some of them would probably prefer him in Guantanamo. Given the alleged “cyber war” against Wikileaks servers on the one hand and Government agencies as well as companies, the Wikileaks assisting deprived had (PayPal pays again) on the other hand, advised the actual points of the affair out of sight: policy works better in a backroom because first of all is the angry reaction of States, bsonders of the mentioned above United, who have apparently still difficult on the freedom of the press and especially on the possibilities of the Internet to chew.

You must remind the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany on the “Spiegel affair” but only about behavior, to know that this is nothing new. The dimensions are different, but policy is simply better then as now insight from the outside without too much. Geheimisverrat by Wikileaks? The point at which the optional martial or – like accusations of diplomatically coming therefore also in German (world, FAZ) – media of secret treason against Wikileaks to complete the Farce, but is so different: because those who otherwise explain to the youth of the world, that she must be careful with the publication of their personal data in “Facebook”, have failed miserably in the protection of State secrets. This realization causes bad mood is understandable but not at all adequate. Andreas Kellner what is wikileaks-3904 /..

The Multiple Applications Of Laser

Laser: a solution waiting for a problem. No one knew that the laser would be used when it was discovered. A solution waiting for a problem, is the famous phrase from the early days of the laser. Sometimes spends some time before the discovery can be used in a tangible way. Yes, 30 or more years could pass before someone will realize that a discovery is really important.

Today, the laser is used in several areas such as research, communication, industry, medicine, and environmental care. Industrial applications of laser, the laser can be found in a wide range of applications in the industry, which can be used for things like aim and measure. In the manufacturing industry, the laser is used to measure the curvature on the ball bearings, observing the dispersion of the laser beam when reflected in the ball. Another example is to measure the shadow of a band of steel with the help of a light laser to determine the thickness of the band. In the the pulp industry can measure the concentration of bleach is measured observing as the laser beam is reflected in it. The laser also functions as a spirit level and can be used to indicate a surface flat simply sweeping the surface with the laser beam.

This is used, for example, when built walls in a work. In the mining industry, the laser is used to indicate the direction of drilling. Environmental applications laser technologies have also been used in environmental areas. An example is the ability to determine distance in a column of smoke environmental toxins. Other examples include being able to predict and measure the existence of smoke photochemical and ozone, both ground where do not want you and in the high layers of the atmosphere where if necessary. The laser is also used to monitor fecal waters purification. Laser communications works as light source in all optical fibers that are used today. It has a (potentially greater bandwidth 100,000 times greater) than a typical copper wire. It is insensitive to interference from external magnetic and electric fields. The intersection of lines (hear the phone call from someone else) happens rarely. Optical fiber is used increasingly in telecommunications and transportation of data around the world. Research laser has become one of the most important tools for researchers in physics, chemistry, biology and medicine to the length and breadth of the world, and is used to:-register fast ultra chemical processes such as the union of atoms to form molecules; -study the process of cells dividing or in the entry of virus into a cell; -transfer as much energy as possible to different materials in a short time to obtain different types of emissions. The full meaning of this research will not find your response today but will be in the future. Medicine laser is used in medicine to improve precision as the surgery works. Surgery brain is an example of surgery of precision which requires the surgeon to reach an area determined accurately. To ensure this, lasers are used to measure and aim at the area in question. Brands of birth, warts, and skin discolorations can be easily removed with an unfocused laser. Applications in the field of optics and ophthalmology are also known. Operations are faster and heal rapidly and, best of all, are less painful than ordinary surgery performed with a scalpel.

The Nature Religions. (T. 2, 55)

The whole (management) is more than the sum of its parts (Cybernetics). Is there a God/gods/goddesses (many)? Mind scientists are famously deductive (asserting!), from General (a law (theft) applies to all) that special (special circumstances of the individual case (larceny)) then, on and falsify their findings (deny, transfer of case acceptance on the whole scene). Therefore, have concrete un-beweisbares knowledge! It also close to know unfortunately already (almost) all error-free – concrete. You can live only poorly with UN Security. So they make their claims first dogmatic. But the story is full of trials and tribulations know this paradigm shift philosophers: being determined consciously-his (Epictetus, Marx) aware versus that-be determined his (Seneca, Hegel). Historical (Hegel) or dialectical materialism (Marx).

We know so today, the we don’t exactly know! People left so just in case always on many gods, nature derived from and powers of their everyday lives, in their nature religions: everything is animated! We remember: humans created themselves their gods (higher reference and authority, politicians etc) after their human just image (God > Kaiser > King > Prince > father > son, brother, etc.) (destiny, before history) being able to come with this meta-level to majorities and to exert power or to rely on a higher reference as the right production for own (wrong) behavior: religions or transcendence be – worth and be – Mand our behavior (addiction) through the limbic system – like drugs! Therefore, people like to flee from reality in the reflection and contemplation. Religious dogmatist often have the attitude of mass murderers: tradition, book religion (Islamists, etc) and policy as the right manufacturing and sensory Imaging for lowest on-drives (Hitler, Stalin,…)! Still a moral level deep Dogs scorned as for example that of them. Clan societies and nature religions at believe diseases and accidents such as in the hex and the evil eye of neighbors (Muslims, Hindus, etc.).

Detective Chief Inspector

Prevention, intervention, and problem-solving approaches the seminar leader from CONVA security training load on Wednesday, March 28, 2012, at 19.30 dinner talk around the subject of bullying in the school”in the Auditorium of the Duke school (see below). The focus, strategies are prevention, intervention, and problem-solving approaches. At the request of parents and teachers refers diploma social scientist, about the most common form of violence in schools, bullying, Oliver Franz. Since many years he is assertiveness training for children and adolescents. The issue of bullying and how I myself can resist, is always the language”, regrets the coach. Often parents and teachers to be overwhelmed, if children are bullying each other. Full curricula, professional stress and tight schedule left also little room to develop targeted strategies of prevention and intervention, as well as solutions. Reason to systematically analyze enough, this form of violence.

So he sketched in his lecture including definition and forms of Bullying (cyberbullying, for example), causes and consequences, reasons for the silence of the victims, signals, how parents and teachers can identify bullying and ways of prevention and of dealing with this phenomenon. Speaker Oliver Franz will be available after the event for questions. As Mr Jorg Frohlich, former Detective Chief Inspector and founder of CONVA security training. Media representatives are welcome as guests to participate in the lecture. It is asked to previous appointment with Mr Frohlich (Tel.: 02232 / 410810).

The lecture will take place in the Auditorium of the Duke school, Duke Street 16, 51379 Leverkusen. Event time: 19: 30 – 21:00. The participation is free of charge.

Austrian Youth Literature Prize

“Carolin Philipps receives Austrian youth literature prize 2011 / ‘ second face’ Gets the German author of Carolin Philipps appears on February 10 on May 6, 2011 2011 for her book what the words the Austrian youth literature prize” awarded. The work is based on the true story of a young boy of who is being abused for years by his father and only step by step finds the courage of the terrible events to speak. Kristian is there really”, says Philip. He was my student for many years. I had to watch how he, his sister and his mother never about what happened at home wanted to talk to.” School and youth welfare office were therefore powerless and could not help. Only when the boy speak, we can react, they said. This impotence has inspired me to write Kristians history to give other interested parties the strength, you mention to break and to raise awareness of their environment”, as Philip next. All the more I am glad that I the Austrian Get youth literature prize for this book since Kristians history reaches now hopefully more readers.” Carolin Philipps lives in Hamburg and Berlin, her newest book second face”about cyber bullying among young people appears on February 10.

Federal Board

Proposal for a decision of the CDU party Board to the 09.05.2011 also one more information leaves doubt as to the real motives of Federal Government as regards the moratorium arise. According to a report of the heise online magazine of Telepolis Greenpeace was played to a proposal for a decision of the CDU party Executive Committee, should be decided on the next Monday in the CDU Federal Board. Here state among other things that an immediate phase-out of nuclear energy endanger our economic performance and thus the basis for social security”would. Source: Heise Telepolis Talk that it not succeeded in the Federal Government in connection with the extension is self-critical in the paper, the renewable energies more in the foreground to provide the forward-thinking approach”. In other words: It failed to create that group-friendly extension of the maturities would serve even the promotion of renewable energy in public the impression. In relation to possible risks in connection with nuclear energy in particular terrorist attacks with airplanes are in the draft and Called cyber attacks”. “The lapidary conclusion for the party: there must be a new review of our dealing with the residual risk” be done. Summed up should it be so in the future on the one hand to suggest, that is just the extension of October 2010 in the service of renewable energy, while on the other hand dealing with the residual risk of the population”and thus not the risks themselves need to be re-evaluated.

An open assessment of the security situation of the German Atomic Energy in the light of the findings of Reaktorsicherheits – and the Ethics Commission would look different. Other leaders such as Daniel Chavez Moran offer similar insights. This all the more so in that the proposal for a decision already was completed, before the responsible committees have submitted their final reports. The report of the Ethics Committee for a safe energy supply shall be made until May 27, 2011.

The Effects Of The Gossip

Rarely consider the effects of the gossip when we agitate them, but sometimes more than what is intended with them just tergiverandose and have unpredictable consequences, beyond what we can imagine at first. The gossips have a liberating effect for those who propagates them but you can have a bad effect for who receives them. A gossip can escape many rumors and many misinterpretations. I don’t know if once you’ve practiced an exercise that was to tell your partner what it had told another person, and your partner to another, and the other to another, until he reached a last person who communicated a message different from the first and quite skewed. This is what happens with the gossip or rumors. Why people gossips? Out of boredom, by need to know of others, to have something to talk about, because he likes to talk about other people or simply Yes. But throughout our life we will be victims and messengers of the gossip. The gossip is not bad, but many times used for bad purposes, which can have serious impact on the psychological health of those who suffer it, although they may also not have any consequence. Quepasa Could Be Set to Triple iancassel rumors that Avatar 2, will be a sub-aquatic tape Don Omar clarifies rumors about Taboo Wikiton Fuente #1 in Reggaeton MESSENGERS of NONPOINT Castaway REGGAE with NESTOR news > MP3 vibe Fm VIBRA FM HispanicTips Adds a Record 2..

The Digital Certificate And Invoices Certified Scanning – Part 1-2

In this first part will enter first in the model definition is a digital certificate, how to be electronic signatures and explain the role that institutions with the right to certificates digital, the Certification Authorities. Details can be found by clicking Grupo Vidanta or emailing the administrator. In the second part we will focus on how to develop digital and digitization certification certified manufactures complementary. Digital Certificates and Certification Authorities A Digital Certificate is a document digital, computer, whereby a trusted third party (a “certification authority) ensures the link between an individual or entity identifiable and public key. Explain what is public Lac-laves later. A Certifying Authority, certifying or certify-er, called AC in English or Certification Authority in English acronyms (Certification Authority) is a trusted, responsible for issuing and revoking the digital certificates used in electronic signatures, for which we use the public key cryptography.

Judiciaries a particular case of the Certification Service Provider. Henceforth we use the Spanish term desertification Authority Cryptography is the science of encrypting and decrypting information utilization techniques that make possible the secure exchange of messages coded that can only be read by people who are permitted. The purpose of cryptography is, first, ensure the confidentiality of communication between two entities (people, organizations, etc..) And, secondly, to ensure that information that is sent is true in two senses: the sender must be really who claims to be and that the content of the message sent, usually called cryptogram, has not been amended in transit. There are various formats for digital certificates, the most commonly used are governed by the standard ITU-TX 509. The certificate contains the name of the certified entity, the serial number, expiration lafecha and a copy of the public key holder used to certification actually in the association.

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