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Sad to see the drivers in an environment such decadent mood. Do you have a car – and you do not know where to go. We have things worse-in We do not have a car … (c) It was just before – not a great selection of car number, a large deficit of spare parts, petrol coupons and a huge queue behind him. The only place where people could afford to buy cars remained car market. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Max Schireson by clicking through.

The vehicle still remains no means of transportation, and luxury. Visit Michael Steinhardt for more clarity on the issue. Looking around, thinking, and whether it was true? There is no big deal, that would buy or sell a car. You can certainly give the old ad in the newspaper or spend much time at the car bringing the buyer. But … the emergence of the Internet has simplified the procedure considerably, since the expanded capabilities. Downloading search engine, which is given many options and choices as a result reduced to what is provided brief information about the car and the best photo. Gasoline your ideas our … Since it is very hard to please man in the street, and on this, introducing an entirely new product, it should be noted that the project “ProAvto” is not just advertising your car – it’s a quick, convenient and profitable to sell or buy a car.

What is this project differs from the others? First of all, the new concept of presenting information about your car. Photo car, as well as brief information about him is good, but how to estimate it, that the buyer is not simply overlooked information, but also interested in purchasing it? The advantages of a video presentation of your car can have from the first minute clip add an opinion about the merits of your car (from the appearance of the car, motor, Running and finishing interior). The plot of your car is broadcast on TV channel ‘Kiev’, which significantly increases the audience of buyers, but also extends the provision of information about the car. In addition a customer who interested in a particular car, can at any time to review the video on the website. Videos are created by professionals in the field of television, journalism and web-based technologies suited to each individual car. The ice has broken gentlemen of the jury (with) I want to wish a young team that is working on this project, more new ideas and be able to realize … Snusmumriken.

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