Birth Work

The health professionals had understood the importance of the accomplishment of the education in health as strategy of organization and assistencial planning and the use of tools of the basic attention for changes of the practical ones in health. Words Key: Education in Health, Basic Attention, Gestantes. 1 Work of Conclusion of the Course of Specialization in Health of the Family with emphasis in the Implantation of Lines of Care, offered for the Direction of Basic Attention and State School of Public Health of the Secretariat of the Health of the State of the Bahia, delivers as prerequisite for the act of receiving of the heading of Specialist. 2 Nurse of the Unit of Health of the Family. Potbellied of the Anbal. Integrant of the microregional Nucleus of jacobina.

Address for contact: PRENATIVE GROUP ACTIVITIES DURING THE: STRATEGY WILL BE HEALTH PROMOTION AND PREVENTION OF MOTHER AND BABY: REPORT OF EXPERIENCE IN FAMILY HEALTH UNIT IN THE MUNICIPALITY OF UMBURANAS-BA. Jenifen Miranda this Villages Boas2 Abstract The present study is an experience report on the implementation of the group of pregnant women a tool will be health education in the Health Strategies Family of Anibal Potbellied from the Specialization Course in Health with an emphasis on family care lines. You carry out the work has used tools like focus groups and workshops based problem methodology. Themes such: the importance of prenative care, changes that occur during pregnancy, the development of pregnancy and the baby; Birth: The work; About lives work, to after delivery (postpartum); Breastfeeding; The newborn and Body Care. We obtained the participation of about 80 you the 100% of pregnant women enrolled in prenative care of high and low risk. The participation of women in the group broadened to their knowledge about issues of prenative care focused on prevention of risks of pregnancy, she served a place you share information and settle the anxieties and doubts, approached the FHS, fostered the bond work, etc.



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