The Pragmatic

But he is not strange. The pornography, in fact, is source of sexual excitement. The first one must therefore be fought, second favored. The resignation of that if it spoke is exhibited inside of the limits of both the phenomena, but in the practical one cloudy front to prostitution is about a resignation passively. The object of the sexofbico moralismo is of the deserotizao of the individual, what certainly if it cannot obtain through ponographic requests, but that if it can easily reach with the work of the prostitutes. Consequentemente, after the pragmatic advice quickly, is declared that nothing if it can make against the prostitution, that it is the profession oldest of the world, etc.

and still is gone more far: it is supported that prostitution is the salvation of the marriage, or at least one of its sustentculos. if this are not said explicit, are left implied. The sexual education contributes in three ways for the codification of the sex: first with a resignation suspicion; second, justifying it to it existence, especially the level of prostitution; third, masking it to it true face until its institutionalization. That is, making to pass for normal, incensurvel thing and until praiseworthy what in the truth it is desumanizante and humilhante, covering with the mantle of the legality a market in degradante itself, placing the label of the marriage on a very distant act of contract of the sphere affective and very next to the economy. I do not intend with this to say, understood well, that the marriage is always a prostitution form. I intend to say that it can be, and that generally it is. Same that either in the way most brazen, still thus courageous is defended by the sexual educators.

If it cannot educate for the sexual repression if give life to a market, more or less clandestine, that compensates the sexuality. if cannot make seen thick to the codification of the sex without encouraging it. This me seems outside of quarrel. But unhappyly if it cannot say that our educators intend to modify its strategy, nor so little to resign to its workmanship of persuasion in wide it scales. CONCLUSION Can be affirmed that it is destined parents and masters, the responsibility of the organization of curricular programs: practical and the example, illustrated for the behavior and attitudes of the parents and masters, has more importance that the simple rules; the nature and the reach of the answers to the questions must be determined by the state of physical, affective and intellectual development of the child or the adolescent, good thus for the proper nature of the done questions; the cognitiva education must be fit in home environment and national, cultural and religious and to harmonize itself family enters and the school. In the schools, the sexual education must gradual and be integrated. Necessidad



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