Sharpening tile is on a special machine and hydraulic. The frequency of disc rotation during grinding of stone slabs should be high enough to avoid chipping the glaze on the tile. When docking tiles and acrylic baths (abutting the side of acrylic bathtubs and walls, tiled) there is a serious problem in filling the tub with water is deformed, its edges away from the walls, respectively, when you wash, the water falling on the walls, dripping on the floor. Conventional methods of sealing this seam is not help because almost any material, glued to the acrylic does not stay on deformation. To avoid this, we devised a very efficient way. On the wall where the tub is installed, tile is laid to the floor, and to the edge bath. Further, under the last row of tiles laid T-shaped plastic profile with a fairly hard edge, the second plane of this profile, pre-lubricate with silicone, lies with the board of the bath. Then bath jack so that the board close to the edge of the tile rested.

Thus, the profile is trapped between the wall tiles and bath board. When filling it with water, even if deformation occurs, it does not affect the junction leakage and the side walls of the bath. Tiles laid on a special tile adhesive, with proper installation and smooth walls and floors of adhesive consumption is around 25 kg to 4-5 m Grout joints mezhplitochnyh by a special grout. The ceilings in the modern interior is almost an integral part. But not always in the draft is laid ceiling just for aesthetic reasons. Very often vertical drop from the ceiling about zero up to large enough quantities, and therefore mounting the ceiling is made only for practical reasons. The same applies to old houses, in which 'Native' ceiling is a poor foundation for plastering his (wooden floors, old w / w floors with a large depreciation, etc.).

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