Flat Roof Constructions

The roof – the largest source of heat loss of the building, so how well insulated roof, depends largely on energy-saving features of the building. Application of modern thermal insulation – slabs extruded polystyrene Primaplex – can effectively solve problems of thermal insulation of flat roofs. As a result, significantly reduces the cost of heating and cooling buildings. The main advantages of plates Primaplex, which are often decisive in the choice of thermal insulation in flat roof constructions: * Low thermal conductivity. The structure of the plates Primaplex, is a system of tiny isolated cell filled with Fixed gas defines a very low thermal conductivity material; * Durability. High strength plates Primaplex compression allows you to use them not only in classical applications with moderate requirements strength, but also in cases of extreme conditions * The minimum water absorption. The main factor influencing long-term thermal insulation characteristics of insulation, is its resistance to penetration water or moisture. Moisture may be in contact with insulation not only during construction but also during the entire period of the building.

Moisture absorbed by the insulation material, greatly reduces its thermal resistance. The system of closed cells and the lack of cavities makes plates Primaplex more resistant to water penetration and moisture than any other type of insulation * Low weight. Because the cells that constitute the core of plates Primaplex, filled with light gas (air), the material has a low density (30-35 kg/m3), which makes it very easy to use. Weight standard package does not exceed 10 kg, so the material can be easily moved around the construction site, raise the roof. Primaplex easily cut with a knife or a saw with fine teeth; * Durability. The ability of insulation boards Primaplex perform their functions during the lifetime of the building (30-50 years), the stability of its characteristics such as thermal conductivity, compressive strength, low water absorption, and lack of corrosion and resistance to multiple cycles of freezing and thawing makes them durable.

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