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Your business plan should include an operational and financial plan, this will allow you to determine the resources you need and you can get them in time, will allow you to identify technologies, equipments, people who need and time that requires them, may estimate the flow of funds from the business, financing needs, capital needs, study the market, your competitors, your opportunities. Reinvent your business see that successful experiences have, check if they remain, in this case supporting them, but keep them fully controlled, remember that something that was successful may not be it. Check their lines of business, analyze them independently, see if they are profitable, try to consider other product blends, study which are not profitable and determine the reasons why are not, try to solve them, see the desirability of maintaining them, sell them or close them, study both affecting your business and do not keep them in business only by emotional attachment, must be practical as soon as possible. Check You can do other things, it is possible that with the resources you can get new products or services to the market rather than decrease their activity in this way will be increasing it and will contribute to the recovery. Ask your people, give them opportunity to present ideas and try to try them, many of the major advances came from entrepreneurs that they proposed them and entrepreneurs who were able to capitalize on them. Ask yourself if what makes can do better, does not create that everything is already invented, nor secure categorically that it handles technology, this pride can blind for progress and avoid that it provides opportunities and threats than others if they see. Technology is an improvement on the creation of added value with less consumption of resources by far ahead which is in technology, today or tomorrow someone may surprise you, can any improvement by small that is to ultimately mean big savings and be the difference between staying or closing.



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