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TV ticker – a script that can be easily integrated in any web page and displays an information block, in this case – with the television program broadcasts nationwide, regional and satellite television. As a rule, all elements of this unit are set – either on their own when choosing the type of TV-informer, or through technical support site that provides the code of the script. The result is an information module, ideally fit into the design of your site and showing the visitors to-date information on what currently goes on TV. On the possibilities of setting. Usually it is intuitive and allows you to choose from: – a list of television channels – the period for which displayed program guide (online or in a few hours ahead) – a region of broadcasting – the setting of appearance (in particular, the color of any part of the informer; size). On receipt of the form: online now quite a wide range of different kinds of informers, including TV themes, and almost all of them are free.

Simply choose the type of the informer, customize its appearance, to get the code and add it to the your web page. Updating information in the TV-informer, as well as anywhere else, automatically, with each new page is loaded, allowing the display is always current information. Needless to say, that the installation Informer will keep visitors from transitions to other Web resources. With the help of informers can translate any page in the online mode. By accessing the website, the visitor will see all the information for the collection of which he was previously had to visit multiple sites. Of course, it is more convenient when all the necessary relevant information is "at hand". In particular, the TV ticker – the perfect solution for the pages of information portals, sites, cities, any resource whose goal is to provide relevant information and / or entertainment audience.

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