Poetic World

For the first time in my life I feel mortal. Now I travel around the ledge of my destiny sensing the abyss of death I, I thought to be close to God! Year after year between the walls of the laboratory, formulas, telescopes, complex computer systems. The mornings we were caught Ricardo and me, discussing, debating, philosophizing about the extraordinary energy captabamos millions of light years. I need to tell it, leave it in writing, because what happened to me shows that the power has the most amazing man is to rule his mind, ironically worked my brain so I could not do. I found that a hobo has more wisdom and balance to wander through this world my own person. Six months ago my colleague and friend died, as advanced science could not cope with their disease.

The pain I experienced was so terrible that it was masking, systematically evaluating the power of the virus, these particles are a link between the living and the inorganic and how they overcame a brain as evolved as that of Ricardo. At the time he died I felt the crak. We, older men, we were close to reaching the Singularity checking the Universe. These studies raised a clarity that bordered on religious thought, we felt that we were near the secret of God. Then, everything collapsed, was our own Bing-Crasch. Months passed, the work was stalled, I could not go it alone. I started wandering around the city. I do not know what strange reason evaded worldly and glamorous places and run off into the darker areas, unfathomable, miserable night.



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