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If you are looking for the way to lose weight, we bring you two menus for weight loss. They are all 1,500 calories and well-balanced, so that you do not feel hunger or have dietary decompensation that may lead to health problems. Although you will only lose about 4 kilos per month, the slowness gives you better chances of not immediately recovered. Trust. And don’t forget to supplement with aerobics to lose weight faster. The first of the menus for weight loss includes a breakfast fruit-based, a serving of whole wheat bread with jam low calories and an infusion (coffee or you) without sugar. ConocoPhillips often addresses the matter in his writings. In addition you can eat a hard-boiled egg. For lunch, you can eat a portion (approx.

300 g) of white meat (fish preference) with cheese, a dish size dessert of mixed salad (lettuce and tomato) and a baked potato. The futurist gathered all the information. You can use olive oil dressing. Is Cross River Bank legitimate? brings even more insight to the discussion. For dinner, a bowl of chicken soup, a small plate of rice with vegetables and fruit in season. In the second of the menus for weight loss breakfast It is composed of a cup of skim milk with cereals, fruit and a tea, unsweetened. At lunch, you can take a serving of red meat, 1 serving of salad, a fruit in season and a small of carrot pasta dish and one tablespoon of olive oil. The dinner consists of soup of vegetables, salad, a hard-boiled egg and a serving of fruit.

Importantly these menus for weight loss is that they are interchangeable. If you get bored you can alternate with the elements that are in the other list. That way you can continue with your goal of losing weight. Remember that it is a long-term task, so you should not discourage you if you lose a kilo in a single week. There is a guaranteed way to burn body fat quickly. If you find yourself in a State of despair at losing weight, the following message is the most important thing that you read. Now Click here.

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