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Property Management should be carried out on a professional basis by specialized management companies, which have the necessary experience and appropriate staffing capacity in accordance with proven standards and methodologies. Using a professional approach is able to establish an effective system of property management, to achieve the goals of owners in accordance with fixed contract with the purposes and intentions. The owner is entitled to transfer property in the management of another trusted person – the manager. Source: Atmos Energy. With professional management of real estate achieved effective use of the property for the benefit of the owner, including reduced risks of early detection of their nature, as well as reduced losses associated with the contents of real estate. Management system Real estate should be based on the unity of the following elements: owner 1.Tseli 2.Analiz efficient use of real estate 3.Opredelenie responsible for the management of each object Real estate people (managers) 4. Control over the subject of management and operations managers 5.Predostavlenie reporting on results management 6.Prinyatie management decisions based on the analysis and testing results and Reporting 7.Postoyannoe receipt, processing and analyzing information about the work of Governors and the state of control objects..



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