2nd Annual Social Business Collaboration 2013

Top stories & top speakers at the social business collaboration in Berlin Berlin, June, 19th, 2013 – 2013 the social business collaboration Conference 2013, taking place from the 23rd 24th of September 2013 at the Steigenberger Hotel in Berlin / Germany, has become one of the leading conferences for strategic approaches and challenges to the management of social intelligence & business collaboration. This unique conference includes more than 100 participants from over 50 world leading organizations as well as more than 26 extraordinary sessions, 4 world cafes, 4 challenge your peers round tables, 3 leading business partners and eventful icebreaker session on the eve before the conference. Watch our conference video and get a concrete view of what is expecting you on highlights in 2013 are key note sessions from following industry leaders: John stepper, Managing Director collaboration + social media, Deutsche Bank / United States discusses in a World Cafe “making work more effective and fulfilling”. Firstly, he analyses specific examples that enable companies to identify and eliminate waste of money as well as time of. Secondly, Mr. stepper moves to the question how is it possible to use communities of practice in order to act in the common interest of the business and it into a turn highly interactive and efficient platform.

Finally, he talks about the process of driving adoption across the company in order to get the company more effective when it faces unexpected outlooks. CERI Hughes, Director, global knowledge, KPMG / UK tackles the question “measuring impact – gaining the greatest benefits from enterprise-wide social collaboration. For even more details, read what the futurist says on the issue. First of all, she deals with the necessary steps which lead to on effective social collaboration implementation where she stress on the importance of measuring success during this crucial process. Then she explains how intranet optimizes communication and information flows across every branch of a corporation. At last, she shows the social tool as a capital item which enables a quick and profitable return on investment. Linda Tinnert, international responsible digital channels, IKEA services AB / Sweden presents in a case study “Networking a digital workplace capability”. First, she studies many aspects of the networking tool implementation and user adoption in front of this innovative way of communication.

Then she showcases the most efficient and practical manners to implement the networking tool within major organizations. See CaaS Capital for more details and insights. She highlights her explanations by taking the example of IKEA. At last, she shows came up which concrete benefits after IKEA fully implemented this new networking capacity and stress on the fact that every business is likely to experience the same. Take advantage of a great opportunity comprising large information flows and great expertise exchanges. Come and take part in our icebreaker session the day before the conference to get to know your peers. Enjoy the benefits of collective intelligence during our World Cafe and give a new and stimulating impetus to your business. Meet our business partners and discuss with them processes, solutions and products face to face and about more industry BBs talk themes and issues at our challenge your peers round tables. To get more information about the conference or to register, please follow this link: collaboration2013.we-conect.com/en/preview/register/ contact: Alexander Sladczyk / + 49 (0) 30) 52 10 70 3 55)



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