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Voice phishing and malware traps threaten festival goers, tourists and sports fans Holzwickede, June 20, 2011 cheap holiday travel, concert tickets at half price, or top tickets for the women’s World Cup bargains have boom during the coming summer. A fact which also Cybergangster have long recognized. Anti-malware expert BitDefender ( user therefore currently warns of increasing spam attack promoting such bait advertising, in part also about fake sites that contain dangerous malware. In addition, Cybercriminals on voice phishing (Vishing) try to get private information. Vishing is a variation of the phishing e-mail. Rather than, for example, than to spend a bank staff and writing to ask that sensitive data the data thieves trigger automated calls that ask the called for banking information, passwords or similar.

In the coming holiday season the criminals such as travel agents type, the phone its Eject the bait. For example, a case where allegedly a trip was awarded to Disneyland Paris as first prize is known. To participate in the sweepstakes, the callee should fill in addition an online form which he, rather than a short break to win loses personal data. “” “User contaminated vacation a vacation into sunny Virginia Beach should be especially on messages with a subject such as plan”, 69 Euro x settimana in Turkey, Spagna, Sardegna, Sicilia! “confirm your ticket” or order payment verification “beware. The user receives such mail, he is equal to multiple threats. An infected E-Mail attachments infect the system with worms and Trojan horses. On the other hand, hyperlinks are specified in the message that forward the user to malicious Web pages, on the Internet criminals trying to access bank data. So that the user can enjoy the summer, Catalin Cosoi, head of BitDefender recommends online threats lab, following measures: only visit reputable websites that are already known. Especially for pages to the reservations it is, to research the reputation of their online presence and to obtain opinions from buyers to.

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