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High Commission for sale: it is important to locate quality products that pay more than 33% of Commission, since the effort to sell one that pays less is the same for one that pays more. The product should solve a problem or satisfying a desire: to make life better customer, which solve a financial problem, health or any other. Further details can be found at Ray Kurzweil, an internet resource. Technology: The second element that we must have to build an Internet business is the technological infrastructure. Whats the physical and technological infrastructure necessary to form an online business? They are basically as follows:-computer. -(Better if it is broadband) Internet connection. -Domain name. -Web page design.

-The page on server hosting. -Software to answer our emails automatically. -Database with our subscribers. -Program to generate audio and video. -System evaluation of updates to measure which is the better and more earning power.

-System to determine from which comes the traffic to your site. -Sales letter. -Voluntary subscription newsletter. -Informative Blog about the product that you are offering to have any further contact with your prospects. The following elements that we develop are the most important of an Internet business: traffic and conversion. The success of our business depends on it. Traffic: the qualified traffic is a point to which we must devote much time. We can get traffic free or paying. FREE traffic: it requires to invest much more time and its results are slower. However for an entrepreneur with a low budget, it is highly advisable. Traffic is the way we do so prospects or potential customers are aware of our proposal for sale. To sell, we must first draw the attention of customers. There are different techniques to attract a customer:-placing free ads on web pages. -Write articles and publish them in specialized sites – optimize our website for the search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc. – placed at the end of our e-mail, a link to our page with an attractant tagline signature.



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