Gadotti (2000) defines our age as the age of the knowledge. If it will be for the importance given today to the knowledge, in all the sectors, can be said that it lives itself exactly in the age of the knowledge, in the society of the knowledge, over all in consequence of the computerization and the process of globalization of the telecommunications associated. The use of the technology in classroom is an important and necessary tool so that the academic community becomes part of the world where lives, expert of the cultural, social diversity and politics and as it affirms L? Hebdo (1997, p.12), if not to league itself, the school will be disqualified and in this direction. In accordance with Moran (2007), the substance cousin of the learning is the organized information, significant: the information transformed into knowledge. The school searches the ready information, already consolidated and the information in movement, in transformation, that goes appearing of the interaction, new facts, experiences, practical, contexts.

The technologies, in the conception of the author, help in them to find what it is consolidated and to organize what is confused, chaotic, dispersed. Therefore it is so important to dominate tools of search of the information and to know to interpret what it is chosen, to adapt it the personal and regional context and to inside point out each information of the universe of personal references. Many are pleased with the first results of a research. They think that it is enough to read to understand. The research is a first step to understand, to compare, to choose, to evaluate, to contextualizar, to apply of some form. According to Moran (2007), each time we have more information and not necessarily more knowledge. The more easy it is to find what we want, more we tend to accomodate us in laziness of the first results, in the superficial reading of some topics, in the dispersion of the many windows that we open simultaneously.



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