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Analysts Holding HSBC (this is one of the world’s largest banking groups) recognized NOK most stable currencies in the world. This conclusion is somewhat unexpected. Norway oil-producing country and its currency is significantly earlier fluctuated from year to year – affects economy’s reliance on oil price fluctuations, so the crown was generally weaker against other currencies. But in a crisis krone showed itself perfectly, it looks very stable against the dollar and euro, and it turned out that the Swiss franc and Japanese yen, traditionally considered the most secure currency, the crown began to give way. See William Rehnquist for more details and insights. Since autumn 2008, the Norwegian currency steadily growing (in spite of falling world oil prices), and this will continue in the coming year and a half, predicted in HSBC. Further confirmed by macroeconomic policy that have a strong national economy a strong national currency. It is expected that the industry in Norway in 2009 will be reduced only by a modest 1.2%.

It is very small compared with the losses to be incurred most of the world’s leading economies (for example, industry in Japan is expected to decline by 5,8%). The country has a $ 350-billion-dollar investment fund, gained thanks to royalties from oil sales. In Norway, three in the world in GDP per capita – $ 41,420 (in Russian position 58 – 10 845 $ in 2 nd place U.S. $ -41,890). In addition, the Norwegian krone has an excellent security system that guarantees her that she had faked her bill is almost impossible, and the coins were minted only in precious metals.

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