Later follows the subject-object separation. Women think so basically vitalistisch socially and heterarchically (decentralised, egalitarian). Men think primarily with the digital brain area: intent, strategy, and tactics men could once never sure to be his, the father of the baby’s presented! Men think so more mechanistically cybernetic and hierarchical (vertical, sub dominance). B. genotypic basics: The different Stimmlagen(5 Sinne: Horen) pointing to a natural Division of function: the female rather high voice causes in men the protective instinct.

It’s like baby voices. Male deeper voices convey something trusted more to women. Broadcasters have made decades ago experience due to female readers letters. Then the inherently different body shapes (5 senses: see): the body focus deeper in women causes when walking, in the wide pelvic area (narrow shoulder) dieoffen Visual pelvic movement. This serves as a Visual lure the men. Men in turn initially have broader shoulders and a narrower on the other hand basin.

This gives the impression of a protector often un-ter aware. In addition even the different affect underlying odor perception skills (five senses: smell) such as that of Ferromonen (sexual Attractants). To get the different gender capabilities, to respond to other people: sympathy and empathy. And finally I still remember the monthly pre-and post menstrual female Mood swings of around 40 years, up to the menopause (‘change’). All this basically influenced the gender communications: SenderIn > medium, medium > recipient both sexes should therefore be on the different non-verbal communications in clear: everyday life and sexual approach, family and strangers, generations and cultures,… When their attention, such as violent public and private attacks against women would be avoided. Here we usually have it with the double to do bind phenomenon (Word Act contrast): misunderstanding (rape, abuse, etc.) through ambiguous non-verbal communication and their misinterpretation. End part is 1 of this text according to the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-alike license”available. Details are available in my Info Center terms of use to the article. 2012 Copyright by Wolfgang Schwalm, all rights reserved! 07.09.2012 PDS, systemic communication: consultancy, training/Coching, service’s. WWWSchwalm,



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