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Trackback only works if it is activated in the blog reference and referral. The Blogroll is a list of links to other blogs that a blogger finds interesting and useful, is similar to a list of favorites. Syndication. The blog software facilitates the holders or entries via RSS or Atom syndication. Syndication allows you to integrate these headlines in other blogs, websites, or very diverse readers and aggregators. Multimedia content on the blogs. As technology has made more, bloggers have begun to incorporate multimedia content in their blogs, such as: photo – blogs, Video – blogs (vlogs).

Mobile – blogs increasingly, bloggers can upload materials directly from their mobile phones (mob-blogging); Music – blogs, music files. Where publish my blog? Here we present some of the most popular on the market offerings: A service complete, some call it the grandfather of the bloggers (see article of) The Guardian). Blogger allows you to host your blog with your own server or on your web page. Its help page provides useful information on how to choose the best option and start. Free view new systems to make Blog. LiveJournal.

Similar to Blogger with an emphasis on the creation of communities. Their FAQ page here. Free. Blogia an InfoAragon service in Spanish with much additional information on how to make a blog, directories of blogs etc. Free. Radio Userland. It’s possible to try it free TypePad. Also offers a free trial version 20Six. One of the more recent services currently has more popularity. Its advantage over others is that allows you to publish via SMS. At the moment it is free, although they warn that they think soon start charging ZonLibre: page in Spanish that provides a forum to clarify doubts. For people who are not beginners, include these offerings: Blosxom and Blojsom. Manila. Movable Type. These three products require some prior knowledge of the operation and configuration of servers.



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