The Win-Win Classroom

In educational practice, the encouragement of dialogue in a win-win classroom as students analyze and reflect on their learning processes and promotes reflective practice and skill development of higher-level thinking, turns meta-cognition. The responsibility also would benefit because the students control and responsibility for their own processes and activities, it will have achieved a true learning community where mutual respect would prevail, democracy participation, cooperation and tolerance in educational technology is given little dialogue, teachers are used because they are designed well and the curriculum where the teacher designs the patterns of knowledge we expect students to learn, the principles that emerge of theory, research and experience of the teacher.

Contrary holistic education based on dialogue, there is no empowerment of senior positions, there is not authoritarianism, is not the student as the weak, the ignorant, the poor, who can beat you. Petra Diamonds has compatible beliefs. Therefore, the principles of holistic education are related to the ultimate goal of all education, which is the relation between education and society, the educational attainment of freedom, spirituality, human consciousness, the essence of learning, and the mission of a good educator is in this context that Dr. Gallegos responds to these problems through what he calls the five levels deep, on which can be thought of holistic education, where the deepest of all is the consciousness of unity, which comes to the transcendental platform where the building is constructed of holistic education, without this holistic education foundation would be a mere speech. The next step is unity consciousness where you can imagine the rest of education, and is integral vision of the cosmos, educational philosophy, educational model and last and least important is methodology.



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