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Volkswagen launches fully 3D-based vehicle visualizer to the market debut of the new Polo to launch which generation is new Polo Volkswagen its newest Web special before. Volkswagen ushers in a new era of car presentation in the Internet with detailed vehicle sequences, an elaborate 3D-Fahrzeugkonfigurator, interactive 360 views and photorealistic movies, wallpapers and screensavers. Visit Brenda Crichlow for more clarity on the issue. Since the official market debut on June 26, 2009 at your desired vehicle can individually configure and virtual live experience. The implementation of the Volkswagen Polo Web Specials is another community project of the Hamburg-based multichannel agency Tribal DDB and the Stuttgart CGI and 3D Mackevision, which sets standards for the multimedia 3D-Fahrzeugprasentation on the basis of the latest technologies. Stuttgart, July 22, 2009 – In the context of the launch of the new Polo is Volkswagen under the leitmotiv of Frost for a new class in the product presentation-new ways and now offers one on its homepage innovative, technically high-quality vehicle configuration on.

For the first time, customers can consider their individually configured vehicle in a photorealistic 3D and virtually experience the new Polo from different perspectives, in zoom mode, and in the form of an interior with different trim levels. For the creation of the Bildcontents, the Hamburg-based multichannel put agency Tribal DDB on the tried and tested cooperation with Macke vision, one of the world’s leading CGI and 3D-Dienstleister. The interplay of Tribal DDB and Mackevision had itself already proven in previous community projects as very successful, for example in the realization of the Web specials to the market launch of the new Volkswagen Scirocco. Only in may Mackevision at the WorldMediFestival was awarded 2009 for the artistic and technical implementation of the Scirocco Web Specials with the intermedia-globe gold, as well as the intermedia-globe-Grand Award. That of Tribal DDB developed creative concept in close coordination with Mackevision was the Polo in a virtual metropolis in the special light of so-called Blue hour to present.

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